Start your day 09.00 – 11.00 (weekend starts with brunch 10.30) with proper breakfast. 



VATICAN’S PRIDE Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, roasted bacon and baby spinach on toasted home-made muffin 159 CZK
GOOD MOANING Fried eggs with bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes and fried onions on our toasted muffin  149 CZK
VOTE BREGGSIT Fluffy omelette with cheese, spinach leaves and baked English muffin 149 CZK
HELLO, GRETA!  Avocado toast with fresh goat cheese and roasted almonds 139 CZK
NOT VEGAN Home-made bagel with crispy bacon, cheese and onion jam  139 CZK
ALSO NOT VEGAN Home-made bagel with beetroot hummus, feta cheese, fresh cucumber and toasted pine nuts  139 CZK
Bagel with beetroot hummus , fresh feta cheese,
cucumber and toasted pine nuts
139 CZK

Sweet breakfast

AAAALMOST VEGAN Home-made granola with nuts, dried fruit, coconut flakes and yogurt 95 CZK
CHOCOVID  Delicious home-made chocolate brownie with red fruit coulis 95 CZK


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