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Taste the pearls of extraordinary Czech Milan Nestarec or our international selection.



Milan Nestarec - Forks and knives (Czech)
White mix of Neuburger, Sauvignon, Red Tramin, Pálava and Riesling varieties. Part of it fermented on peels, then common aging in stainless tanks. Uncleared, unfiltered, no added sulphite. Fresh, layered wine, with slightly spiced finish. 100% natural wine. Special!
0,15l / 115 CZK 0,75l / 530 CZK 
Grunner Veltliner Point NIGL (Austria)
Fine, refreshing and nicely drinkable wine. Harmonic, mineral, and fruity aroma reminding of ripe peach. Medium-bodied fruity flavour with pleasant acidity. 
390 CZK
Pinot Grigio Garda DOC (Italy)
Light and refreshing dry wine with pear, citrus and green apple flavour, gentle nutmeg finish. 
420 CZK
Chardonnay Collio Livon (Italy)
Elegant aroma with apple, peach, hazelnut, and bread crust tones. Velvet fruity flavour.
560 CZK
Sauvignon Zlatni Grič (Slovenia)
Pleasant, intensive aroma of grapefruit, elderflower, and ripe fruit. Full-bodied, elegant taste of white peach with long mineral finish.
490 CZK
Riesling Steilhang Bastgen (Deutchland)
Refreshing, fine wine with citrus and fresh fruit aroma. Harmonic fruit flavour with gentle acidity at the finish. 
490 CZK
Cotes du Rhone Blanc Cuvée (France)
Expressive but fine flowery aroma with tones of candied citrus fruits. Round and fresh fruity flavour.  
420 CZK
Sancerre Chatelain - Sauvignon Blanc (France)
Gentle, refreshing, and harmonic wine. Aroma reminding of fresh gooseberry, meadow, and grass. Fine, mineral, and pure taste with grape tones and long-lasting finish.
790 CZK

Sparkling wine AND CHAMPAGNE

Prosecco Astoria Treviso Casa Miazza DOC (Italy)
White prosecco with gentle persistent sparkling and rich etheric aroma of typical peach and apricot tones. Platinum colour with white gold glints. Very gentle, decent soft sparkles.

0,1l / 75 CZK 
0,75l / 395 CZK

Prosecco Astoria Treviso Galie DOC (Italy)
White sparkling wine with gentle persistent sparkling. Fruit rich aroma, especially apricot and peach. Refreshing and lively flavour. Goes for every occasion.
455 CZK
Prosecco Astoria Fashion Victim Rosé Brut (Italy)
Rosé sparkling wine produced from typical Veneto varieties. Light powder pink colour. Sparkling is gentle and soft thanks to long secondary fermentation process. Fruity and flowery aroma. Full-bodied dry taste with delicate aroma and freshness.
455 CZK
Prosecco Astoria Lounge Moscato (Italy)
Sparkling wine made of aromatic moscato variety. Golden colour and sweet aroma with ripe fruit savour, especially peach with typical nutmeg floral tones. Gentle flavour with elegant sparkling, and balanced sugar and acidity.
455 CZK
Champagne Cuvée Leonie Brut (France)
Elegant balanced fruit aroma reminding of tropical and dried fruits with fine seasonings. Full-bodied and delicate grapes flavour with soft sparkling. Varieties: Pinot Noir 50%, Chardonnay 25%, Pinot Meunier 25%.
1990 CZK
Champagne Charles VII Blanc de Blancs (France)
Elegant fruity aroma with tones of tropical red fruit, cream, and fine nuts. Harmonic, fresh and mineral fruity flavour.
2690 CZK

Rosé wines

Milan Nestarec - Forks and knives (Czech)
Rosé wine, which in fact is more red (the more colour, the more fun). Mixture of cabernet Franc and zweigeltrebe. Joint aging in stainless tank for a year and a half. Bottled without clearing, filtration or added sulfites. Live, fruity and juicy wine!
0,15l / 115 CZK 0,75l / 530 CZK
Rosé Cotes du Rhone - Syrah Grenache (France)
Very live and refreshing rosé with strawberry and raspberry aroma; pleasant acidity in taste reminding of forest fruit.
390 CZK
Chateau Minuty Cotes de Provence (France)
Bright coloured, light pink wine. Red berries and orange zest aroma with white roses tones. Round and smooth flavour with refreshing acidity combined with candied oranges. Soft and aromatic finish.
750 CZK

red wines

Milan Nestarec - Forks and knives (Czech)
Mixture of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Lemberger varieties. Joint aging in stainless tank for a year and a half. Bottled without clearing, filtration or added sulfites. Live, fruity, and super-juicy wine.

0,15l / 115 CZK
0,75l / 530 CZK

Valpolicella Tommasi Veneto DOC (Italy)
Fruit aroma with tones of cherry, green pepper, and dark chocolate. Medium-bodied flavour reminding overripe cherries and smoke. Long-lasting smoky finish.
520 CZK
Primitivo Lirica di Manduria (Italy)
Aged for three months in oak barrels. Fruity aroma with cherry, plum, and raspberry tones, and gentle smoke. Harmonic and balanced fruit taste. 
540 CZK
Chianti Classico Borgo Salcetino (Italy)
Sangiovese, Canaiolo - Harmonic, aromatic wine ruby coloured from fully ripped grapes. Very gentle, deliciously fruity with soft bitterness and pleasant velvet finish.  
540 CZK
Rioja Crianza CUNE (Spain)
Tempranillo 80%, Garnacha 20% - The wine aged for 12 months in oak barrel. Expressive aroma of plums, coffee, and vanilla with smoke. Full-bodied fruity taste with coffee and toast.
460 CZK
Lecco Crianza Resalte (Spain)
Tempranillo – Aged for 14 months in oak barrel. Elegant and intensive aroma of forest fruit, coffee, vanilla, and spices. Full-bodied mineral taste with berry fruit tones.                                                                                                                        
690 CZK
Lecco Reserva Resalte (Spain)
Tempranillo - Aged for 14 months in oak barrel. Expressive wine with ripped forest fruit, coffee, spices, and oak tones. Long-lasting tobacco tones finish.
990 CZK
Malbec Altitud 1300 Mendoza (Argentina)
Intensive ripped cherries and black current aroma, full-bodied, balanced taste of blackberry, coffee, and vanilla. Long-lasting finish of ripped fruit and sweet tannins.                                                                                            
520 CZK
Malbec Altitud 1300 Mendoza Reserva (Argentina)
The wine aged for 12 months in French oak barrel. Intensive aroma of forest fruit, chocolate, and tobacco. Heavy and full flavour of ripped fruit with long finish.
790 CZK


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