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Grunner Veltliner Landhaus Mayer (Austria)
Fine, refreshing and nicely drinkable wine. Harmonic, mineral, and fruity aroma reminding of ripe peach. Medium-bodied fruity flavour with pleasant acidity. 
580 CZK
Pinot Grigio Garda DOC (Italy)
Light and refreshing dry wine with pear, citrus and green apple flavour, gentle nutmeg finish. 
640 CZK
Chardonnay Collio Livon (Italy)
Elegant aroma with apple, peach, hazelnut, and bread crust tones. Velvet fruity flavour.
650 CZK
Chardonnay Special Selection Tikveš (Makedonia)
Dry white wine with an intense and clear golden color, with a typical strong aroma of grapefruit, pineapple, bananas and melon. The taste is full, elegant and persistent with an elegant sharp finish.
610 CZK
Konjičan - Sauvignon Zlatni Grič (Slovenia)
Pleasant, intensive aroma of grapefruit, elderflower, and ripe fruit. Full-bodied, elegant taste of white peach with long mineral finish.
620 CZK
Riesling Steilhang Bastgen (Deutchland)
Refreshing, fine wine with citrus and fresh fruit aroma. Harmonic fruit flavour with gentle acidity at the finish. 
680 CZK
Ryzlink Rýnský / Rulandské bílé Špalek (Czech)
BIO. Organic, Light golden color, aroma of peaches and ripe pears,distinctly fruity taste, rich with a balanced sugar and acid.
590 CZK
Cotes Du Rhone Villages Blanc Chateau Maucoiz (France)
BIO. Bright color wine. Aroma is reminiscent of cooked apples, peaches, citrus and honey. The medium body with pleasant acidity  on the finish. 
760 CZK
 Sauvignon Blanc Estate Misty Cove
Penetrating aroma of ripe green gooseberries, passion fruit, spicy lime and paprika. Juicy notes of green apples, lemon, white lily and lime leaves
in the taste. Pure varietal wine with fresh acidity and a persistent finish. 
680 CZK
Žilavka Nuič (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Dry white wine with a yellow-green color made from the autochthonous variety Žilavka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fragrance combines pleasant floral scents with hints of ripe peaches.
The taste is fresh and mineral. The grapes of this autochthonous Balkan variety are picked by hand in young vineyards and are cooled to the necessary temperature before pressing to preserve the primary aromas of this variety.
590 CZK

Sparkling wine AND CHAMPAGNE

Prosecco Extra Dry Villa Chopris DOC (Italy)
Semi-dry sparkling wine with a fruity aroma and taste, complemented by fine pearling.
660 CZK
Cava Dignitat Organic Brut Masachs (Spain)
BIO. Straw yellow color with green tones. A fine permanent pearl. Delicate aroma with notes of flowers and citrus. Fresh, with low acidity, pleasant, balanced. It perfectly complements any tapas, and serves as a great aperitif.
680 CZK
Champagne Cuvée Leonie Brut (France)
Elegant balanced fruit aroma reminding of tropical and dried fruits with fine seasonings. Full-bodied and delicate grapes flavour with soft sparkling. Varieties: Pinot Noir 50%, Chardonnay 25%, Pinot Meunier 25%.
1990 CZK
Champagne Charles VII Blanc de Blancs (France)
Elegant fruity aroma with tones of tropical red fruit, cream, and fine nuts. Harmonic, fresh and mineral fruity flavour.
2690 CZK

Rosé wines

Zweigeltrebe Rosé Špalek (Czech Republic)
BIO. Elegant aroma of wild strawberries, cherries and mild spices. Fresh, fruity and harmonious taste with pleasant acidity.
560 CZK
Chateau Minuty Cotes de Provence (France)
Bright coloured, light pink wine. Red berries and orange zest aroma with white roses tones. Round and smooth flavour with refreshing acidity combined with candied oranges. Soft and aromatic finish.
890 CZK

red wines

Primitivo Puglia Luccarelli  (Italy)
The distinct, fruity aroma of stone fruit turns into a warm and pleasant taste with fine tannins.
620 CZK
Chianti Classico Borgo Salcetino (Italy)
Sangiovese, Canaiolo - Harmonic, aromatic wine ruby coloured from fully ripped grapes. Very gentle, deliciously fruity with soft bitterness and pleasant velvet finish.  
820 CZK
Merlot Garda Calvachina Prendina (Italy)
An elegant and harmonious wine. The aroma is reminiscent of plums, fresh currants and a slight earthiness. The taste is fresh and silky, with touches of sweet notes.
620 CZK
Montepelciano D Abruzo Caldora (Italy)
Typical Montepulciano from Abruzzo, harmonious, distinctly fruity, with subtle touches of sweet spices.
580 CZK
Cuvee Toscana Rosso Brancatelli (Italy)
BIO. Medium-bodied, harmonious wine with tons of unripe forest fruit and pepper, with a slightly spicy aftertaste.
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Syrah.
720 CZK
Rioja Crianza CUNE (Spain)
Tempranillo 80%, Garnacha 20% - The wine aged for 12 months in oak barrel. Expressive aroma of plums, coffee, and vanilla with smoke. Full-bodied fruity taste with coffee and toast.
730 CZK
Cabernet Sauvignon Chateau Martinolles (France)
Fruity aroma with tones of rasberries, currants, leather and plum preserve. Harmonic fruity smooth finish, ended with crisp acidity.
610 CZK
Vranec Special Selection Tikveš (Macedonia)
The body is beautifully juicy fruity, medium to strong full with supple tannins. On the palate there are overripe sour cherries, blackberry compote and spicy notes of cinnamon and toast, adding a slightly bitter finish.
660 CZK
Zifandel Old Vine Bogle (USA)
The wine matured for 10 months in barrels. Aroma of black currant, ripe cherries, pepper and spices. Creamy taste with tons of fruit and vanilla, with a sweet tannin finish. From 40-80 year old vineyards.
810 CZK
Carmenere Cousinomacul (Chile)
Aroma of plums, figs and dark chocolate. Fruity taste with notes of dark fruit and spices. Try it in combination with lamb, 
beef in stews, e.g. Chilli con carne, it also goes well with grilled vegetables.                                                                                                                      
640 CZK
Malbec Altitud 1300 Mendoza (Argentina)
Intensive ripped cherries and black current aroma, full-bodied, balanced taste of blackberry, coffee, and vanilla. Long-lasting finish of ripped fruit and sweet tannins.                                                                                            
710 CZK
Shiraz Rhanleigh (SAR)
Elegant wine with aromas of forest fruits, cherries and fine spices. Full, fruity with a pleasant aftertaste of seeds and spices.
570 CZK

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